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Hey people!

Oh my goodness it's been a long time. I apologize dearly for this!

On a bright note, lifehouse has been verrry interactive with their fans over twitter lately. They have been doing lots of their ten questions, answering some odd but amusing questions, and sending birthday wishes.

They are doing some studio work, looking forward to some more beautiful songs like Angeline! Got a new fan art submission, as well as a new video of the week and a bunch more interviews for you to take a look at. It's a more organize way for me to get everything I want to include in one place.

Bryce got a new tattoo, which looks killer by the way. He posted a pic to his twitter account a couple days ago.

Jason is staying clean of tattoos according to one of the twitter posts.

Apparently Bryce and Jason are extremely deep sleepers.

Ben's new nickname is Pickles and Wind

Ben's pet peeves are pickles and wind

They like to see pictures of lifehouse tattoos, so if you have one, show them!

Peace out,

The pictures came from Laughhouse, A lifehouse place to laugh page on facebook

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After a while...

Hey guys!

It's been a little while since I have been on here. Some things going on right now,

The site has no surpassed 1,000 views! Thanks everyone who has viewed it, bookmarked it, you guys are amazing! now has another section of downloads complete, it is acoustic versions of songs, and live recordings is the next section to be completed. That extension to this site has some things that are just not possible on blogspot, so take a look and poke around, I think you will like it.

The winner of a contest held by Forever Lifehouse was announced a few days ago, I will post the entry here shortly that one, but it is unavailable at the moment.

Some upcoming tourdates for Lifehouse:

August 6: Washington, MO
August 11: Ventura, CA
August 13: Mears, MI
August 15: Detroit, MI
August 20: Highland Park, IL
Most of these are being played at some sort of fair or another.

Footage from Lifehouse's performance on Fox and Friends can be found on youtube,
Sadly, the band was introduced as Lighthouse, and they said preforming a hit First time, and they were actually playing Whatever it takes. Also, I don't know if they were referring to how long Bryce has been in the band, but they said so much younger, and Jason is the youngest in the band. So they made some errors but it was still awesome to see them on high profile television. =)
Also, on the day Harry Potter came out, #Lifehouse was a trending topic on twitter rather than every trending topic being about Harry Potter, which is a big deal and was really awesome! Sadly, no one got a screen cap of it. ='( But fox and friends saw it and tweeted to lifehouse about it. And that was really really awesome.

Falling in has fallen off the Hot AC chart now. ='( Perhaps if Lifehouse decided to make a video.... =)

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A day in Michigan!

So I just turned 16 on Monday, and to celebrate, my parents chose an amazing outing.

After my second day back at school, we are going on a ten hour drive to see my first concert, and it will be to see Lifehouse! I am so excited!

Also, has recently done a major addition. Since, the home of lifehouse b-side downloads, closed; I have taken it upon myself to restore one common place to put all the songs. You can find it on the website above under Music Downloads.

Also, I have heard lifehouse will be playing in Detroit august 15th with Kris opening for them! Any detroiters out there may want to tune in!!!


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Lifehouse future (bands and fans)

So, lifehouse headed back into the studio,

They said on twitter they were recording Angeline, hope this one makes the cut, it is a really amazing song. Sooo sweet and a reminder of what lifehouse was a few years ago. So truthful and plain honest.

My youtube page launched and has three videos now, and this site has 900 views, and my other extension is starting to get some nice features added on to it,

Here are my youtube videos so far, right now they are only rare songs, but will turn into guitar covers and lessons shortly, I have no voice so I am unable to speak during videos, so I can't create any right now. I apologize. and are both closing their doors after years and lots of money put forth, which is sad for soo many of us who have made great friends in those communities. They both closed for their own reasons, which you can see when visiting the sites.



Poll results

Hey everyone,

Sorry it has been awhile, I have been trying to get Jason's b-day thing going and the secondary project and promoting both and getting the other site ready and it's been kind of hectic and I'm sorry I neglected this site during it all.

Results from the polls that were up, the most popular result is listed below

Do you like falling in as lifehouse's new single? 61% voted YES!

Favorite album? 64% voted Smoke and Mirrors

Should lifehouse release a live album? 71% voted YEAH!

Favorite band member? 57% voted Jason

Favorite way Jason colored his hair? 62% voted Brunette with blonde highlights

Those are the results of the old polls, more will be coming up within the week, as soon as I find things to ask. =)

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The future for Lifehouse?

According to their recent interviews from the music festivals, lifehouse plans to finish up the Uk tour and return to the US for a little bit, and when fall arrives, enter the writing process. And apparently, Pringles is the sponsor of Lifehouse, =), you would think it would be Subway the way they talk about the place.

Anyway, hope your location is in the future for Lifehouse

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Hey you guys!

Hello lovely people!

News for site!!!
Got a new pic, not really I drew it. =)
Also, since blogger has a difficult way of doing things, I have created a extension site.
There are sections that are so much more clearly laid out than I could possible do here.
I WILL continue to post here, but if you want to see older pictures or other stuff that is older, it is so hard to find it on here. So there you go.

p.s. lifehouse needs to get in gear and DO something. :)

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Drugs sex and rock and roll??

Hey guys! Few things to say today, a little less random than yesterday. =)

A interview with lifehouse from the rock am ring surfaced, hints the name. Lifehouse winding down? Hope not! Wow the tour flew by didn't it, =P.

Continue to promote Falling in, hopefully they will have the video coming soon, don't want another Make Me Over kind of thing. It fell from number 10 to number 11 on the Hot AC chart. :'(

Don't forget to put in your contributions for the two birthday projects going on right now. Jude and Jason's.

Will be updating the site's photo page in the next few days, adding the fan photos album to it, have a lot of them to add, and some pretty cool ones I think, and so far they are all mine, if you have any you want added just let me know and I can get it posted on there.

The polls are coming down in less than a week, most of them, some are a little longer. Make your vote!

Today and tomorrow are the last days I will take requests for the first video I put on my youtube, in case I don't know it already, I need time to prepare a decent video. The page launches on sunday.

I think that's everything

Lifehouse Forever

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A little bit of everything

Alright, kind of a lot to say so here we go!

Lifehouse is having a little contest, they want ideas on what it should be, so submit them to their twitter or facebook page!

Some new videos from the Rock am ring

A message from the Lifehouse fan in charge of the birthday project for Jason, FanOfLifehouse

Jason Wade birthday project 2011

For Jason Wade’s birthday this year, I decided that we should do something totally different. Lifehouse fans all over the world can send me (via mail) letters/cards/pictures/etc and I will put it all together nicely in a binder (make it into a book) and will send it off for him for his birthday. It would be awesome if you could also decorate a page (piece of paper) with whatever you want (as long as your name is included) along with whatever else you want to send in. (the decorated page will really help me put this together). I need everything to be by Monday, June 27th so I can make sure it arrives on time.
Please send your page and card/letter/etc to:
PO Box 821
Forks, WA
For some reason, a LOT of people ignored my announcment, get your submissions in pronto!

Jude Cole's Birthday Project
send your Jude Coles birthday submissions to PRONTO

A amazing Jason Wade drawing!

And this site has already hit 700 views! Wow!

Keep promoting Falling in whenever you can!

Let me know if you have a lifehouse song request for my youtube page for monday!

I think that's everything.


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Falling in is falling out

Hey guys and girls,

Falling in is slowly slipping down the chart.  Help it from falling anymore!

Also, polls are coming down very very soon, so vote if you haven't.

I will be launching a youtube account on Monday, so in this next week before it goes up, if you have a lifehouse song you want me to start working on for a tutorial or cover, let me know, or I will do a cover of whatever it is I want to cover, which is fine with me, but if you want first pick send an email or post a comment right here or send a tweet to LHRevolutionCry on twitter.

One last thing, if anyone is a friend of a Jason Wade from Lifehouse on facebook, it's not actually him. Jason has made it clear he does not have a facebook, and wouldn't know anything about how to use it anyways. There are many imposters on there, and it is not a nice thing in my view.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend,

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Rock am ring festival

Hey guys! Just wanted to post a couple videos from the rock am ring in case anyone missed the streaming. They only played two songs on it, so here they are.

And then one from a while back at the same place I believe.

Bye you guys!

Lifehouse fanatic 2011

*the polls that are currently up now are coming down soon, so vote before they are taken down. Then new ones will go up and you can show what you think on those also.

Jason through the years

Hey, here is a little timeline of Jason throughout the years. Hope you like it!

Anyway, looks a bit different now. =)

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Some interesting pictures

Hey everyone! I was looking around, and stumbled across a couple of pictures I thought were interesting. Everyone remember the picture where Jason had the bandaid on his forehead, well it looks in these pictures like something went down also. Just thought I would share the finding.

Here is the first picture

Here is another view

Also, here is a picture I edited and did I wanted to share with everyone here. More to come later.

Anyway, some cool pics.

Also wanted to mention Lifehouse is getting ready for Germany and is fully aware of the vegetable problem there, and they are going to eat bulk ramen and stay healthy and away from the contaminated bad veggies.

Another random note, the blog has reached over 600 views and I am so excited and thankful for everyone who comes here!

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Hey all!

Hey everyone!

lifehousemusic Lifehouse Music
Time to pack for Germany.. See you in a couple days!
3 hours ago Favorite Retweet Reply

Tweet from lifehouse! They are heading to Germany soonn soon! Germany be ready to be rocked by lifehouse!

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Hey everyone!

I just wanted to wish that everyone had a great memorial day yesterday. I wasn't able to wish that too you guys on memorial day, but better late than never.


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Poll: Wednesday, June 1

Hey you guys! There is a new poll up on Star 100.7, and so far Lifehouse is in the lead, lets keep it that way! Here are the current standings for it

Thank you, we have already counted your vote.
Maroon 5 - Never Gonna Leave This Bed 0%

Colbie Caillat - I Do 0%

Sara Bareilles - Uncharted 0%

Wiz Khalifa - Roll Up 0%

Jessie J F/ B.o.B. - Price Tag 0%

Andy Grammer - Keep Your Head Up 0%

One Republic - Good Life 0%

Lifehouse - Falling In 50%

Lady Gaga - Edge Of Glory 0%

Tinie Tempah - Written In The Stars 0%

Rihanna - California King Bed 0%

Taylor Swift - The Story Of Us 25%

Jason Aldean F/ Kelly Clarkson - Don't You Wanna Stay 0%

The Script - For The First Time 0%

Black Eyed Peas - Just Can't Get Enough 0%

Rihanna - S&M 25%

Bruno Mars - The Lazy Song 0%

Britney Spears - Till The World Ends 0%

Chris Brown - Yeah 3x 0%

Jennifer Lopez F/ Pitbull - On The Floor 0%

Pitbull F/ Ne-Yo - Give Me Everything 0%

Katy Perry - E.T. 0%

Usher - More 0%

Pink - Perfect 0%

Adele - Rolling In The Deep 0%

Also, Lifehouse has a new concert date!

Val Du Lakes Amphitheater
1511 N Wilson Rd
Mears, MI 49436

Talk to you guys later!

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Hot AC Chart

Hey everyone!

So our efforts on the Lifehouse Falling In Campaign are going well! The week of May 28th Lifehouse is number 10 on the Hot AC Chart! It moved from number 13 to number 10 on the Hot AC chart this week! Let's keep up the efforts and keep requesting and spreading the news to get it even higher up in the chart!

Lifehouse is going to be in Europe very very soon!

What is going to with the Falling In music video? We do not know as of now. Lifehouse had said on twitter that a music video is in the future plans but that they don't know what it will be or when. Just stay patient, as soon as they know something you will know it here also.

There are three new tour dates!
July 23-Cleveland OH
August 6, Washington MO
June 10-The Hague NL

Some exciting stuff going on right now!!!

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Recap video

Hey everyone! If you haven't seen it yet you should check out the Best Cruise Ever recap video, it feature Here Tomorrow Gone Today!   Looks like everyone had a great time, and the guys did too from what they've said on Facebook and Twitter.

P.S. I won't be able to post anymore until after Monday, heading to a place with no internet connection. Sorry! Will have a long post monday night or tuesday morning of everything that went on this weekend.

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Hey guys! Not much to say today either, but the guys finally got on twitter for a little bit last night!

 Lifehouse Music 
 Lifehouse Music 
 Lifehouse Music 
 Lifehouse Music 

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Hello there!

Hey everybody!!

It is very very soon that Lifehouse will be heading to Europe!! Be getting ready to be rocked!!

Also please please join the fight to make Falling in a huge hit for Lifehouse!!!

Here is a kind of random bit about the blog no one probably cares about but I have nothing else to say right now. The URL of the blog,, actually is not just a reference to the song. When I chose what to have the URL be, I was thinking something that fit, and Lifehouse was part of the revolution in the music industry, and one day, with the help of their fans, they will completely take over with their revolution in music away from the computerized auto tuned stuff it has become. It is a reference to their music shaking what music was and making it something more, and their revolution cry has given lost people something to hold onto. Anyway completely random and unnecessary and you can disregard that if you would like to. If you haven't heard of Revolution Cry by Lifehouse you should go to you tube and type it in and listen to it. Really great song!!

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Hey everyone!

So I was on twitter and saw these two photos and thought they are just hilarious and must be shared.

Be on the watch for tourdates to pop up in your area! And join the Falling in campaign, not meaning to harass people but I am seriously sick of Lifehouse being so underrated as a band. They are too awesome for that.

I also wanted to say thanks to everyone that views this!!! I have 500 views and I never expected to have so many people look at it!!!

Vote on the polls, because the ones that are up are coming down soon, results will be posted and then new ones will come on. =D

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New tour dates???

Hey everyone,

Well it has been said there are new tour dates for lifehouse to be seen on B-sides for OH, IL, and MO so far. Hoping there will be more soon! These dates however, are not posted on their official site. Hope they are coming to your area soon!

The lifehouse postcard project deadline is the 30th of may if you are wanting to send it via email, you can send it to
Please help make falling in one of or lifehouse's best single! Request it on your radio and buy it on itunes and amazon.

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Falling in campaign

Hey guys! Had the biggest problems logging in to blogger tonight for some reason. =P Anyway, Lifehouse fans are now starting a campaign to make Falling In one of lifehouse's best singles. All you have to do it request it for your radio stations, and share the news on facebook, twitter, myspace or other and promoting the song. Get more people to like it! I'm on the mission and even if you are a blogwalker who sees this please help us out! Lifehouse is an amazing bad and horrible underrated in the music industry, they stick to songs with real instruments and meaning, and it just doesn't fly with the popular youth, help us save music! Bit of a stretch in the last statement but help even if you don't really care! They have saved peoples' lives, help us spread the music!

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Lifehouse videos

Hey everyone,

Good news, only one final tomorrow and then I can go back to putting more time into these posts. =D Here are some really really good videos of Lifehouse performing Broken, First time, beast of burden, you and me, and hanging by a moment. Enjoy! These are really good performances and really great videos!

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Hey guys

Hey, just wanted to say that soon the site will have a twitter account. Exciting right? =) Anyway, still in the middle of finals, so having to steer my ADD back toward studying every five minutes or so. I will be back to more exciting longer posts by Wednesday or Tuesday afternoon. Stay with me, it's just two more days. For now though, here are some humorous pictures I dig up from my computer archives of the guys. I hadn't seen some of these in a while and they gave me a good laugh, hopefeully you will enjoy these as well. Sorry about the rushed postings, again, it's only for two more days. 

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Awesome picture!

Hey everyone, I saw this picture/writing on a different blog and I just had to repost it. It pretty much sums up how I feel about Lifehouse! By the way, the 2011 part of my name does not refer to the year I became a fan, just the year I made up this nickname. =D


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