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What song would you most want a tutorial to play on guitar?

Feelings about lifehouse in the studio?

Which nickname is your fave?

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A little bit of everything

Alright, kind of a lot to say so here we go!

Lifehouse is having a little contest, they want ideas on what it should be, so submit them to their twitter or facebook page!

Some new videos from the Rock am ring

A message from the Lifehouse fan in charge of the birthday project for Jason, FanOfLifehouse

Jason Wade birthday project 2011

For Jason Wade’s birthday this year, I decided that we should do something totally different. Lifehouse fans all over the world can send me (via mail) letters/cards/pictures/etc and I will put it all together nicely in a binder (make it into a book) and will send it off for him for his birthday. It would be awesome if you could also decorate a page (piece of paper) with whatever you want (as long as your name is included) along with whatever else you want to send in. (the decorated page will really help me put this together). I need everything to be by Monday, June 27th so I can make sure it arrives on time.
Please send your page and card/letter/etc to:
PO Box 821
Forks, WA
For some reason, a LOT of people ignored my announcment, get your submissions in pronto!

Jude Cole's Birthday Project
send your Jude Coles birthday submissions to PRONTO

A amazing Jason Wade drawing!

And this site has already hit 700 views! Wow!

Keep promoting Falling in whenever you can!

Let me know if you have a lifehouse song request for my youtube page for monday!

I think that's everything.


Lifehouse Fanatic 2011

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