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After a while...

Hey guys!

It's been a little while since I have been on here. Some things going on right now,

The site has no surpassed 1,000 views! Thanks everyone who has viewed it, bookmarked it, you guys are amazing! now has another section of downloads complete, it is acoustic versions of songs, and live recordings is the next section to be completed. That extension to this site has some things that are just not possible on blogspot, so take a look and poke around, I think you will like it.

The winner of a contest held by Forever Lifehouse was announced a few days ago, I will post the entry here shortly that one, but it is unavailable at the moment.

Some upcoming tourdates for Lifehouse:

August 6: Washington, MO
August 11: Ventura, CA
August 13: Mears, MI
August 15: Detroit, MI
August 20: Highland Park, IL
Most of these are being played at some sort of fair or another.

Footage from Lifehouse's performance on Fox and Friends can be found on youtube,
Sadly, the band was introduced as Lighthouse, and they said preforming a hit First time, and they were actually playing Whatever it takes. Also, I don't know if they were referring to how long Bryce has been in the band, but they said so much younger, and Jason is the youngest in the band. So they made some errors but it was still awesome to see them on high profile television. =)
Also, on the day Harry Potter came out, #Lifehouse was a trending topic on twitter rather than every trending topic being about Harry Potter, which is a big deal and was really awesome! Sadly, no one got a screen cap of it. ='( But fox and friends saw it and tweeted to lifehouse about it. And that was really really awesome.

Falling in has fallen off the Hot AC chart now. ='( Perhaps if Lifehouse decided to make a video.... =)

Lifehouse Fanatic

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Lifehouse concert said...

Hi there, just want to say that there will be another Lifehouse concert in Florida at the A La Carte Event Pavilion this month of September. Were looking forward to it guys.