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Falling in is falling out

Hey guys and girls,

Falling in is slowly slipping down the chart.  Help it from falling anymore!

Also, polls are coming down very very soon, so vote if you haven't.

I will be launching a youtube account on Monday, so in this next week before it goes up, if you have a lifehouse song you want me to start working on for a tutorial or cover, let me know, or I will do a cover of whatever it is I want to cover, which is fine with me, but if you want first pick send an email or post a comment right here or send a tweet to LHRevolutionCry on twitter.

One last thing, if anyone is a friend of a Jason Wade from Lifehouse on facebook, it's not actually him. Jason has made it clear he does not have a facebook, and wouldn't know anything about how to use it anyways. There are many imposters on there, and it is not a nice thing in my view.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend,

Lifehouse Fanatic 2011

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