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What song would you most want a tutorial to play on guitar?

Feelings about lifehouse in the studio?

Which nickname is your fave?

What do you think of Angeline?


Lifehouse future (bands and fans)

So, lifehouse headed back into the studio,

They said on twitter they were recording Angeline, hope this one makes the cut, it is a really amazing song. Sooo sweet and a reminder of what lifehouse was a few years ago. So truthful and plain honest.

My youtube page launched and has three videos now, and this site has 900 views, and my other extension is starting to get some nice features added on to it,

Here are my youtube videos so far, right now they are only rare songs, but will turn into guitar covers and lessons shortly, I have no voice so I am unable to speak during videos, so I can't create any right now. I apologize. and are both closing their doors after years and lots of money put forth, which is sad for soo many of us who have made great friends in those communities. They both closed for their own reasons, which you can see when visiting the sites.


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