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What song would you most want a tutorial to play on guitar?

Feelings about lifehouse in the studio?

Which nickname is your fave?

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Drugs sex and rock and roll??

Hey guys! Few things to say today, a little less random than yesterday. =)

A interview with lifehouse from the rock am ring surfaced, hints the name. Lifehouse winding down? Hope not! Wow the tour flew by didn't it, =P.

Continue to promote Falling in, hopefully they will have the video coming soon, don't want another Make Me Over kind of thing. It fell from number 10 to number 11 on the Hot AC chart. :'(

Don't forget to put in your contributions for the two birthday projects going on right now. Jude and Jason's.

Will be updating the site's photo page in the next few days, adding the fan photos album to it, have a lot of them to add, and some pretty cool ones I think, and so far they are all mine, if you have any you want added just let me know and I can get it posted on there.

The polls are coming down in less than a week, most of them, some are a little longer. Make your vote!

Today and tomorrow are the last days I will take requests for the first video I put on my youtube, in case I don't know it already, I need time to prepare a decent video. The page launches on sunday.

I think that's everything

Lifehouse Forever

Lifehouse Fanatic 2011


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