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What song would you most want a tutorial to play on guitar?

Feelings about lifehouse in the studio?

Which nickname is your fave?

What do you think of Angeline?


Poll results

Hey everyone,

Sorry it has been awhile, I have been trying to get Jason's b-day thing going and the secondary project and promoting both and getting the other site ready and it's been kind of hectic and I'm sorry I neglected this site during it all.

Results from the polls that were up, the most popular result is listed below

Do you like falling in as lifehouse's new single? 61% voted YES!

Favorite album? 64% voted Smoke and Mirrors

Should lifehouse release a live album? 71% voted YEAH!

Favorite band member? 57% voted Jason

Favorite way Jason colored his hair? 62% voted Brunette with blonde highlights

Those are the results of the old polls, more will be coming up within the week, as soon as I find things to ask. =)

Lifehouse Fanatic 2011

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